The 1,000 words checker

The 1,000 most commonly used words in English make up about 75% of the language as it’s actually used. In Simply Put, I write about how important it is to make sure we’re speaking the same language as our audience, and this metric is a great way to stress-test your message.

Drop your text below, click that big button, and it will automatically flag words in red which aren’t on the list. You don’t only have to use the popular words to be understood, but it will help you visualize where you might be more complicated than you need to be.

Start with the simplest possible language and go from there. Don’t reach for the big words unless you absolutely have to—they’ll pack more punch when you use them sparingly. But when in doubt, clear beats clever.

BTW: This tool isn't perfect. Some versions of common words will be flagged. But you get gist of it.
Thank you to for the word data, and to Randall Munroe for the inspiration.

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