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Hi, I’m Ben Guttmann.

I’m an author, professor, and marketing executive. Across all of that, I’m interested in the things and ideas that move people – and in helping us get better at creating that magic.
What's the deal with this guy?
“If you need to communicate your work more effectively, this is your book.”

Michael Ventura
Author of Applied Empathy and Former Founder & CEO of Sub Rosa

“Every entrepreneur and brand leader should read this book.”

Alexandra Watkins
Author of Hello, My Name Is Awesome and Founder of Eat My Words

“An excellent read. Buy it. Learn from it. Adopt it. It’s that simple.”

Martin Lindstrom
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Buyology and Small Data

I have some thoughts on...

...well, a bunch of different things. I write most often about the places where technology and humanity intersect.

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