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Need a really great guest, panelist, or speaker?

As a college educator and host of Queens Tech Night, I’m an experienced and engaging speaker who has shared my experience with audiences of a few dozen to a few thousand. Below are some of my favorite talks, but I am also available to participate in panels, provide media commentary, and develop bespoke presentations about marketing, entrepreneurship, agency leadership, millennial issues, and other fun topics.

Simply Put: How to Embrace the Surprising Power of Simple Messages

Regardless if you're trying to sell stuff, rally votes, or just change some minds, the most effective messages all share one thing. They are simple. Simple ideas stick. Simple messages win.

In this talk, we'll examine why simplicity wins, interrogate why it's so hard for us to get out of our own way, and unveil a proven toolkit for helping leaders, teams, and marketers communicate more clearly.

Avoiding Soul Rot: Exploring the Ethics of Marketing and How to Do Less Evil

Marketing gets a bad rap. A century ago, HG Wells said "advertising is legalized lying," and today marketing is still one of the least respected industries around. And honestly, it's for good reason: from early ads knowingly promoting cancer-causing cigarettes to contemporary issues with racism and data privacy, there is a long list of sins to atone for. In this talk, we take a tour through some of this dark history and examine how we can be responsible, ethical actors in a difficult modern environment.

Brands are Words: How to Build a Great Brand, Not Just a Nice Logo

Brands are ultimately promises. A brand is a promise that when you purchase thing X, you get experience Y. Everything else – the logo, colors, fonts, jingles, and mascots – is just a representation of that promise.

We'll run through the brand-building process, showing how to develop a brand essence and positioning statement, as well as define the brand's personality and competitive territory.

Design for Non-Designers: Everything You Need to Know to Work With Designers

While we may do a lot of DIY design these days, from Instagram Stories to slide decks, we also need to know how to work with designers for the big stuff.

In this workshop, we cram in everything you need to know to be a designer's favorite client, including the fundamentals of color and typography, the different types of digital design formats, and some rules of thumb that will make you sound like an expert – and your brand look awesome.

“AMAZING. He has a very unconventional way of teaching that is extremely engaging and interesting.”

Baruch College Student, 2019

“Thank you for the fantastic class you conducted last week. Although I am not a marketer, I enjoyed it a lot and took some insight that can also be implemented in different fields.”

Warsaw University of Technology Student, 2022

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