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“Simple can be hard. But Ben Guttmann’s lucid and valuable book makes it much easier.”

William Ury
New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author of Getting to Yes and Getting to Yes With Yourself

“Ben has an uncanny ability to distill the complex into clear-eyed, empathic communication. With Simply Put, he helps us to connect with ideas in ways that are at once practical and energizing. If you need to communicate your work more effectively, this is your book.”

Michael Ventura
Author of Applied Empathy and Former Founder & CEO of Sub Rosa

Simply Put gifts us new approaches and techniques to amplify our voices and share our ideas. How we craft our message is fundamental to our success, and these lessons make us more impactful and influential communicators.”

David Perlmutter, MD
6X New York Times Best-Selling Author of Grain Brain, Brain Wash, and other titles

Simply Put is a brilliant and necessary roadmap for all business leaders to learn how to become more effective communicators. This is a useful book that invites you to see things differently and craft clear messages.”

Jessalin Lam
Co-Author of The Visibility Mindset and Co-Founder of Asians in Advertising

“It is so refreshing to read Ben’s words about keeping things simple. It's interesting that all the entrepreneurs I have talked to seem to have one thing in common: They started out with a very simple idea... one that was easy to understand and even easier to scale. To be successful, these are words to live by!”

Ken Rusk
Entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of Blue Collar Cash

“Ben Guttmann shares lessons typically learned through years of failure. Read this book and skip the failure. Clear and simple wins. Here’s how to get there.”

David S. Pottruck
Former CEO of Charles Schwab and New York Times Best-Selling Author of Stacking the Deck

“One of my core beliefs has always been that boiling complex messages into simple maxims is one of the best ways to benevolently brainwash anyone. The question is, ‘How do you do it?’ Ben Guttmann’s new book finally gives us the answer in a big way. We finally have the definitive text on how to execute radical simplicity in the real world and get anything you want as a result.”

Michael Schein
Author of The Hype Handbook

“Every entrepreneur and brand leader should read this book. So many marketers struggle with how to communicate clearly, and Simply Put is an essential how-to guide to crafting messages that stick.”

Alexandra Watkins
Author of Hello, My Name Is Awesome and Founder of Eat My Words

“My team and I were bedazzled by the clear, impactful messaging that Ben helped us craft. And now with Simply Put, Ben’s skills are available to all of us in an easy-to-use, straightforward roadmap.”

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
Author of Younger You

“My review of Ben Guttmann’s excellent book Simply Put … is simple. An excellent read. Buy it. Learn from it. Adopt it. It’s that simple.”

Martin Lindstrom
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Buyology and Small Data

“You’ve heard the quote before: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Ben has succeeded at creating clear guidelines that bring this age old adage into action for the modern marketer.”

Maria Vorovich
Founder and CSO of GoodQues

“We live in an age of mass, perpetual distraction. Simply Put is the straightforward guide to getting noticed, getting heard, and getting traction.”

Dr. Parag Khanna
International Best-Selling Author of Connectography and MOVE

“Being clear with our ideas is central to being effective. Ben is a wonderful partner in this process and his new book Simply Put captures the essences of his effective framework”

Drew Ramsey, MD
Author of Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety

Simply Put is a revelation! Bursting with clear, actionable insights, it's required reading for anyone with something to say, solve or sell.”

Jonathan Fields
Host of Good Life Project podcast and best-selling author of SPARKED

“Drawing from a wealth of experience, Ben Guttmann provides tested techniques to leverage the most critical quality of effective communication: Simplicity. Using this insightful book as a North Star, readers will learn how to communicate decisively and effectively. I highly recommend Simply Put for anyone who wants to get to the point!”

Joel Schwartzberg
Author of Get to the Point and The Language of Leadership

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